Review 2019 Masterclass

A wonderfully rewarding and intense 10 Days of Opera Audition Training was experienced all round. 15 Singers from 12 Countries !

Starting on Saturday, the business of self- marketing led by Kristin Ebner, herself a singer ( with a Premiere of Aida in Munich 31.08.2019 so a lot on! ), with a degree in Marketing and Cultural Management. Kristin led the singers through the preparations of Online presentation and also good CV s on paper for the auditions with Agents and Opera Houses!

A new venture, we had a Sound Engineer on board . Jonathan Richter showed how to get good results in Videoing which is more in demand now. So all the Do´s and Don´ts .

Jonathan also videoed the final concert for the singers to take this away with them. Monday saw the first presentation and work with Jonathan, Janice and Bernd Schroeder , accompanying was again our Italian Pianist / Conductor Alessandro Palumbo , the Italian repertoire definitely helped by him!

Agents lecture in the evening from Stephan Reinecke, ( TACT ) who is experienced now in answering all the singers questions! Style and presentation was dealt with the next evening. A lecture from Prof Gerd Uecker on the growth of Singspiel and Opera in Germany as we know it today was on Wednesday. Personal growth and Confidence Building techniques on Thursday evening . Marilyn Barnett, Studienleiterin, came over from the Staatsoper to take and give Questions & Answers about the Profession and the in´s and out´s of it all! Peter Tomek, from the Komische Oper, and in the midst of rehersals of “Die Frau ohne Schatten” came by on Saturday to have a preview and give tips to the singers about the presentation they would offer at the final concert .

And then the final Concert in the form of an Audition was presented to the general public and a Panel:- Marilyn Barnett, as Chairperson, Ullrich Hentze, Agency Bühnenreif, Leipzig, Arno Waschk, Conductor – Komische Oper, Paul Frielinghaus, Actor stepped in to replace Britta Wieland.

All this as well as the days programe of rotating sessions with Coachings, Stage craft, Audition Training, technical work. It was intense and the feedback was …it was Great and well worth it! The Concert took place in the large Concerthall of the Bundesallee UdK. Aleksandra Kirsanova , a 29 yearold Russian spinto soprano, presented a very moving Suor Angelica: Puccini, “Senza Mamma” and then “Tacea la Notte”, Verdi : Il Trovatore. Aleksandra was awarded by the Panel the Kaminsky Bursary to help with the expenses linked with auditioning. She will sing Suor Angelica this October at the opera house in Lirvorno, Italy. A close second place was the young tenor Joseph Dahdah, 27 yearsold, whom Marilyn Barnett offered to present to the Studio in the Staatsoper.

We all do feel happy and contented with the successful results of our work!