Intention and Structure

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Over the many years which we have been teaching and
training singers for opera and auditioning a concept has
crystallized itself which has been a resounding success:

We have helped singers from all over the world gain
engagements in professional German-speaking opera theatres,
a good proportion of these met their established agents masterclasses.

We work in a rotating timetable format
our masterclasses focus on key elements
these are some of them:

Stagecraft, interpretation, mock auditions, video & audio recordings, presentation sessions to agents, specific individual technical skills, German text coaching & marketing

Half of the world’s opera performances occur here in Germany!
There is very little room for a second impression…
…so make your first impression brilliant!


Training Opera Singers, particularly young emerging singers venturing for the first time onto the professional Market.

During our own studies we benefited from wonderful, patient and inspired teachers, The Best!

Now we ourselves feel inspired & passionate about giving this all important guidance to the next generation, we love what we do

The Team

To read more about the team, download this Opera Audition Training Team



Professor Cheryl Studer:
Technical guidance & Interpretation

World Opera Star!




Professor Gerd Uecker :
Coaching & Interpretation 

A giant in the German Operatic world!





Professor Jonathan Alder:
Pianist & Coaching

World renowned Accompanist,
deep connection and feeling for languages!



Janice Alder-Alford: Vocal Coach, Body & Breath Work, Personality & Relaxation Training

Inspired by and Passionate about Vocal Training,  Mezzo-Soprano!




Bernhard Schroeder:
Opera Director, Agent, Improvisation & Gesture Presentation work, Marketing

Offering a wealth of experience as an Artist Consultant!



Kristin Ebner:  Marketing & German Text Coaching, Course Administration

Dramatic Soprano & Experienced Cultural Manager!





Alessandro Palumbo: Pianist/Conductor/Coach
(Languages Italian/English/German)

Hana Lee: Pianist/ Coach
( Languages, Spanish/Italian/English/French/German)

Jisung Kim: Pianist/Coach (Manhattan school of Music
(Languages English/German/Korean)


In addition we work with International Opera Directors, Agents and Conductors




Email : prof.j.alder(at)


Facebook : aldercreativearts


Our offering of help to the World – Benefit Concerts for Menina Danca (Brasil) Syrian Refugees in Berlin for The Berliner Sparkasse and Schwarzkopf Foundations